Bup Sewers

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Bup Sewers
Bup Sewers.png
Created by Nesamons, Multiple People
Coordinates [103x, 107z], [139x, 155z]

Bup Sewers is a project initially planned and coordinated by Nesamons, and expanded into a general community project for a new place to create builds and get around Spawn.

Information[edit | edit source]

Bup Sewers is a community project to create a 'Sewer System' underneath 0,0 and the world spawn area.

It contains many shops and has connections to the majority of water features in and around Spawn and 0,0

Shops and locations in the sewers include:

'Wet Wooly's Bulk Wool Store'- Run by FoxyProxy

'The Sewer Shooting Gallery' - Run by Cellocreeper

'Bup Sewer Bathouse' - Built by plexzindu

'Bup Sewer Stasis Chambers' - Built by plexzindu

'Pipework Parlor' - Run by Cellocreeper

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' - Built by MaybeaCat

'Benjamin O_P's Store' - Built by Benjamin O_P

'The Oubliette Lounge and Cafe' - Built by bl1ngbl0ng

'The Endless Expanse Smoke Shack and Shop' - Run by FoxyProxy

History[edit | edit source]

After its creation, StarsDown64 took lead of the project, and expanded the sewers to connect to Lake Touracour as well as Vic's Pool